Let’s talk about Deodorant 

Because it’s one of life’s little necessities in modern times and I ran out. And since I’ve been trying to DIY everything I can to save some cash, I started looking into what I could use to make my own-and come out cheaper and safer than whatever was in my Degree. Dude, there are a lot of things you can use to make deodorant!  So after perusing my favorite blogs, I just kinda threw some stuff in a pot. I currently smell like chocolate and I’m not sticky (which is why I never liked those mineral salt crystals). 

  1. Cocoa butter
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Baking soda
  4. Cornstarch 
  5. Essential oils

Here’s the lowdown on my ingredients: I try to use what I have and if it isn’t of the best quality, when I run out, I will get better stuff next time. I’m in a lifestyle transition and pretty broke, so it’s waste not, want not. No, my cornstarch was not non-GMO. Maybe the next box…

So first I melted the cocoa butter and coconut oil (almost equal parts of about a quarter cup each-I wasn’t measuring) in my makeshift double boiler. 

  Cute right?
Once it was all liquid, I removed the stainless mixing bowl (with an oven mitt!) and started mixing in baking soda and cornstarch. I used about 2 tsp cornstarch and 1 tsp baking soda because I read so much about the baking soda causing rashes.

Once all mixed up, and cooled back to room temperature I put in the essential oils. I thought Eden’s Garden Cleaning blend smelled nice with the natural chocolate smell of the cocoa butter. I used 6 drops. 

This was all liquidy so I popped the bowl into the freezer to harden it up so I could stuff it into my old deodorant tube.  I froze the tube too just in case I had a leak from my hands warming the tube.  Once it wasn’t going to pour I spooned and compacted the mix in and stuck the filled tube in the fridge.  

Once firm, I tried it. Two hours later I smell like chocolate and am not sticky. Win!

Now i just have to see how long it lasts and if it stays firm outside of the fridge. 


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