Oils are essential 

 Essential oils are making a huge come back as more and more people get on the road to a less chemical lifestyle. My first experience with them was transformational. I was in my early twenties and had the crappiest insurance ever. I lived alone and was beyond broke. Needless to say, when I came down with an ear infection, the doctor was out of the question. So what does a girl do? Call mom, of course!  At this point she was studying to become a naturopath and had become a distributor for Young Living. She introduced me to their Theives blend. A drop down my throat and one behind each ear twice a day and in a week the infection was gone. A huge relief. Over the next few years she left me with various little brown bottles that seemed some sort of voodoo magic in how well they solved various common ailments. 

Eventually I ran out of the wonderful Thieves cleaner she gave me and looked into buying more. My interest was renewed. I looked into getting some more of the Thieves blend to keep infection at bay as well and quickly came to realize that there was no way I could afford to buy Young Living essential oils. So I started looking for alternatives. I read all my favorite blogs (actually, this research led me to find all those favorite blogs!) and found a couple companies to choose from. I knew I wanted to get a nice collection going so I needed them to be affordable, and I didn’t want to work with a multi-level marketing distributor. I started off with Rocky Mountain Oils. I got the Mom Essentials kit. Great start and had a Thieves style blend that I so desperately wanted. Being the research junky that I am, I quickly realized that this little kit was fabulous but in order to execute all the recipes that I had come up with, I needed more. Enter Eden’s Garden. Even more reasonably priced than RMO, and create your own kits made this company very attractive. Details on where the plants came from and how the oils were made gave me confidence to make a purchase. I figured if the oils didn’t seem right, I could still just diffuse them and benefit from the scent rather than applying topically. Once they arrived, I found both companies to have good quality oils that work well in both the diffuser and with topical application. 

The key here is that they work. I’m not medical doctor adverse but why spend the money and time on common ailments? If a $12 bottle of oil can clear up 20 ear infections why would I pay $128 to see my doctor and another $4 for antibiotics (that barely work for me anyway due to over-exposure) each time? The frequency in which I get these infections allows for easy self-diagnosis. Now please, don’t take this to mean that you should avoid your doctor. If you have new or unusual symptoms go for a formal diagnosis. Don’t guess, don’t gamble with your health. But if you’re like me and have a recurring health issue that you can easily identify, try essential oils. You could see relief before you are even able to get in to see your doctor!

With essential oils, I’ve been able to manage ear and sinus infections, anxiety, a sleep disorder, clean my house, clear up sunburn, acne and minor cuts, remedy dry skin itching and create effective, natural personal care products. These things work and I encourage everyone to try them. 

I’ll be posting some of my favorite recipes shortly, so if you need ideas, check back soon!


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