Reasons to make your own detergent

I have a confession to make: I’m a Pinterest addict. So when I found a bunch of stuff on making laundry detergent I had to try it.  But first I had to pick a recipe. 

To borax or not to borax, that is the question

My decision to use borax was based on the rationale that at this point, it can’t hurt anymore than the who-knows-what that comes in my store bought detergent. At least I know what borax is. My store bought stuff doesn’t even have an ingredient list!  

I picked this recipe from Mrs. Happy Homemaker. My ingredients made it cost closer to $3 for the 5 gallons, but that’s cost of living differences for you. 

Why bother?

Did you see where I said it costs Three Dollars? I can’t get one gallon of detergent for $3 around here much less five!  So it’s a great value. 

Plus, this stuff takes a mere 15 minutes to make. It takes me longer than that to go to the store. 

Even better, it made my house smell sooooooo good!  Doggy smell begone! My whole house smelled super clean for hours after making it. 

Guess who doesn’t need Oxyclean anymore? We have dogs and no matter how often we washed the bedding or the reusable pee pads for them, they still smelled like dog and pee after coming out of the dryer. 

This was a major worthwhile investment for us since we use about a gallon of detergent a month and a box of Oxyclean a month. Let’s review: 

  • One gallon of store detergent $14.99
  • One container of Oxyclean $8.99

Total per month: $23.98

  • One gallon of homemade detergent: $.60

Savings: $23.38/month for 15 minutes of my time every 5 months. I know what’s in the detergent and my house got free air freshener. All that sure leaves a smile on my face!

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