My First Time with Castile Soap

In my search to lead a less chemical-laden life, I came across Castile soap. So of course, I had to try it. But I was skeptical because if this soap is so great, why aren’t people still using it? I’m pretty sure now the answer lies in lye and soap residue, but while my skin freaks out over some of the new fangled personal care products on the market, it seems to be ok with the classics. Then I had to find the stuff. 

Sticker shock! $14.99 for a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s that was smaller than my $4 Olay! Now I really had to try it so I could determine if it was worth it to learn how to make the stuff. No way was this going to fit in the budget for that price. I bought the small bottle of unscented which hurt my bulk-loving heart, but gave me peace in knowing that if this new relationship didn’t work out, I wasn’t stuck with a big bottle of soap I wasn’t going to use. 

The instructions on the Dr. Bronner’s bottle start with Dilute! Dilute! Ok! Awesome, this tiny bottle should last a while!  And dilute I did. I pulled out a smaller squeeze bottle and filled it with half soap and half water. Then I added some yummy grapefruit essential oil to the bottle to wake me up in the morning.  Of course, I labeled it with my BFF label maker and plopped the bottle in the shower. 

Good Morning! I popped my smelly self into the shower for a test drive and squirted the soap onto my trusty pouf. It ran through…I started scrubbing anyway. Now Dr. Bronner’s specifically states the ingredients and separately notes that there are no foaming agents in their soap, but the lather was amazing!  I finished up and toweled off. I have to admit, Skin so Soft has nothing on this stuff. My skin had been dry and itchy for days and I had been avoiding soaping any unnecessary body parts, but I came out of that shower smelling clean, feeling moisturized and best of all, not itchy. I believe this soap is a keeper and now I’ll be figuring out how to make my own. 


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