Sunday Confessional-I’ve never had my nails done

I’ve always loved the look of manicured nails. All the pretty colors and even some fun designs make me smile. In fact, no matter how natural my lifestyle gets, I’ll probably always be obsessed with the perfectly polished manicure. 

There’s a little hitch in that obsession though: I absolutely cannot keep nail polish on my nails for more than 24 hours. If I manage to not bump, scrape or otherwise destroy the polish before it dries, it chips as soon as it dries. It drives me insane! Top coats, quick-dry drops, nothing helped. I gave up for a while, but working in a professional office setting it is expected that you have clean, tidy nails even if they aren’t polished. Mine are thin, so they always look dirty except for the 20 minutes immediately after I get out of the shower. They also break if you look at them wrong so they stay uneven. Not very professional. I had to do something about this and having never been into a nail salon, I wasn’t about to take up the $30-$60 a week habit. 

Enter press-on nails. These are always too long for me. I like my nail to stop at the end of my finger. I was not able to find a company that sold simple press-on or glue-on nails short enough until I met ImPress. These are flexible and they can’t chip because the color goes all the way through. You can cut the plain ones too. I thought I had a fix. One day I realized my nails were getting thinner and really bad ridges. My left thumb nail was actually growing into a W and splitting.  I nearly cried. Now what?

Hello gel. I broke down and got an LED gel polish kit.  No lie, this stuff lasts 10 days and I have no extra ridges. Added bonus: nobody believes I have never had my nails professionally done. I get pretty nails and look the part of the professional without the high price tag. I spent about $100 on the kit and a few polish colors but I haven’t needed anything to keep my nails polished for over a year and my bottles are nowhere near empty. It’s been worth it to get the professional look I need and it keeps my wallet happy. 


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