That moment when you’re trying to save money, grow a garden and not piss off your HOA

Saturday was finally the day to make some major repairs to the front of our property. We probably could have won the award for worst house on the block. Our gutter was falling off the porch, weeds had grown up a foot high around the house and shrubs, the bushes were overtaking the front porch and of course, the weed fabric was showing through the mulch. 

To top it all off, we got a letter from the HOA complaining about the mulch issue. 

Personally, I was more worried about the condition of that gutter than some missing mulch. And I had already cut back those crazy bushes and planned to use the trimmings to mulch the area. But, alas, I knew if we had already been noticed, my shortcuts would be met with another letter. Off to The garden center to get more wood chips while my brain whirled away trying to figure out how to get just one bag to cover our entire front landscape that can easily eat 8 bags. 

By the time I got to the garden center, I decided my trimmings were still going to be my primary mulch. I would just lightly sprinkle the wood chips over the green to hide it until the leaves and branches turned brown. I also moved all my lawn ornaments to the tree ring and just spread a few handfuls around their feet. Camouflage complete! 

Now you may be wondering what the big mulch deal was about. You see, I had already bought 2 large pots and some potting soil for a crop of carrots and salad greens. I’m on a budget.  A rather tight one. But I have a dream of one day going to the grocery store to get nothing but flour and sugar and maybe some meat so I have to start somewhere. And I am not about to let a nasty HOA letter stop me from reaching that dream. 


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