As a child, worms fascinated me. As an adult, being removed from nature, they kinda grossed me out. But as I try to get back to my roots and start growing my own food and saving money, I needed to find a way to get quality compost or fertilizer to keep my plants healthy-for cheap! Enter the Red Wiggler! Tiny little red worms that will turn my coffee & tea & leftover veggies into compost. And they do it fast. Like 3 weeks fast. I like fast results for a small investment. 

Today I bought a pound of Red Wrigglers. I’ve saved up some vegetable scraps and a couple cardboard boxes and bought some plastic bins. Now I’m the proud owner of a worm farm! With any luck, I’ll have some great compost to add to my plants in a few weeks. Of course, I’ll keep you updated!


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