DIY Deodorant: Round 2

A few months ago, I shared my attempt at homemade deodorant. Well I can say it worked pretty great during the spring. But now that temps are creeping into the triple digits, I need something stronger to get me through the day. Badly. To get me through the last bit of my first tube of homemade deodorant, I concocted a blend of essential oils and fractionated coconut oil and witch hazel. I just rolled that on after I wasn’t feeling so fresh anymore. Thing was, the damage was already done and I really needed to prevent the funk altogether. So I altered my recipe. I included more dry ingredients and more essential oils with antibacterial properties. A lot more!

New recipe:

1/2 cup each organic virgin coconut oil & cocoa butter

1/8 cup each baking soda & organic arrowroot powder (told you I’d do better next time!)

10 drops each tea tree oil and Rocky Mountain Oils Purify blend (smells yummy too!)

Update: after trying this one for a week, I still needed to reapply with temperatures in the 90s. So until fall comes, I’m back to my commercial deodorant unless I want to hold my arms above my head every time I walk outside. I’m going to keep playing with the recipe, and hopefully I’ll come up with something that can stand the heat torture test soon!


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