Let me tell you the story of how my water hose leaks at the sprayer. Seems like no matter what type of rubber gasket I stick in there, the thing still finds a way to drop water!  Today, I finally found a practical application for that problem!

While there are various irrigation systems on the market, I’m too cheap to buy and too lazy to install any of them. Plus, my plants are scattered in a dozen pots throughout my yard and I’m sure the HOA would be none to thrilled for me to rig up something that wasn’t a professional sprinkler system. But thanks to my drippy hose nozzle, I have a single-plant drip emitter!  It’s stupid simple, but I only though of it yesterday when I put the hose down after spraying a squash bug colony off my zuchini plants and seeing all that useful water run off my driveway. So I picked up the nozzle and set it in my tomato pot while I checked on my roses. Well, the roses were being munched on by some Japanese beetles!  So while I addressed that problem, my tomato got nice and damp. When I came back, I moved it to my zuchini pot. Today, it’s sitting on the lip of my salad barrel with hopes that it will revive the poor lettuces that didn’t bolt in last week’s heat. 

So there you have it, my super cheap, super lazy watering system. 


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