So about 3 weeks ago I told you guys about my new red wigglers. I thought getting the moisture ratio and feeding ratio right was going to be hard. I was so dead wrong!  Easiest pets ever. Seriously. And I don’t have the ideal bin. It’s clear. Apparently I didn’t put nearly enough holes in it because condensation builds up if I leave the lid on. No biggie though because these little guys stay right in when I take the lid off-for a week. Yes, I had an open worm bin under my desk for a week and the dogs didn’t try to eat from the bin nor did any of the worms try to run away. 

I’ve only fed my worms twice since getting them settled in. First they had a smorgasbord of sliced tomatoes and coffee and part of my catnip that I accidentally clipped with the water hose. Today they got a bruised up sliced apple, coffee and some more paper. 

I repurposed a Corningware casserole dish that has a lid as my kitchen scrap pot. It works really well to keep the fruit flies away and it’s conveniently dishwasher safe. Feeding today was super easy. Use hand shovel to push shredded paper to the side, flip over contents of dish. I had lined the bottom with newspaper before adding the food so I didn’t even have to recover the feeding zone! 

The dirt at the bottom of the bin looks heavenly. It smells like the deep forest and I can’t wait to spread it on my plants!

They’re being camera shy!

As you can see, they haven’t been big fans of the catnip and it’s been taking forever to wilt. It sat out on the porch for several days and then when I put it in the dish it perked up like it was growing! I may end up pulling it out if it decides to grow in there. 


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