It’s always fun to find that some accidental change in your lifestyle saved you money. Here are some things I have done, mostly by accident, that have saved me money. 

Using an electric razor to shave my legs cut my water bill by 10%

Yep, because my showers were 5-10 minutes shorter my water bill dropped. Now 10% of our regular water bill was only $7, but that’s lunch out one day. Over the last 2 years, that saved me $168.

I had a phase of super dry itchy skin and started skipping showers

Gross, right?  Except that I work an office job and really only need to clean those parts of my body that touch each other regularly and my feet. So I grabbed a soapy washrag and cleaned those and flipped my head into the tub to wash my hair and face. Skipping showers eventually led to skipping washing my hair too. I used some dry shampoo instead. My water bill dropped another 20%. Bonus: I’m not in the slightest bit oily or itchy. My skin adjusted and my hair is slowly getting used to less washing. If I worked out every day, this routine would obviously need tweaking but um…I don’t do that. 

I kept forgetting to buy dog food before we ran out so I set it up to be delivered to the house automatically

I’m a horrible dog mom. I was constantly running to the store at the last minute or feeding my babies extra cookies to get their bellies full when they didn’t have a full bowl of food left. Or my wife would leave the food in her trunk and they wouldn’t get their dinner until she came home from work-at 10pm. I killed both these birds with 1 stone and set up Amazon subscribe & save. My babies all have plenty of food & cat litter, I can’t forget anything and if I have 5 items delivered each month, I get a 15% discount on all of them. I saved $5 a month on cat litter alone! The program has free shipping too so there’s no extra cost to have everything delivered vs driving to the store. Add that to no impulse buys from walking through the pet store…well, lets say I’ve been know to drop an extra $30 on treats and toys. 

I quit using the brakes in my car-as much. 

I spend an hour each morning and each evening in stop and go traffic to get the 18 miles from my house to the office and back.  Eventually I realized I needed new brakes-badly. Instead of gassing just to brake 25 feet away, I just let my car roll slowly so I never gassed or braked in those long lines at the stop lights. I’m now able to get an extra 36 miles out of a tank of gas and my new brakes should last much longer than the last set. I save about $52 a year in gas just on my commute (at $2/gallon) plus the extra brake job of $120. 

There you have it folks. It may not be much, but when you’re on a budget, every little bit of savings helps!  What strange things have you done that saved you money?


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