While trying to decide whether to leave the living room light on which has LED bulbs in it or switch to the light by our back door which has a CFL bulb in it, I came to the realization that we have been in this house over 5 years now and the next time I’ll have to change light bulbs will be when my future children are too young to remember it if they are even born yet. Knowing that I’ll install LED bulbs as the CFLs go out, that means I may not change light bulbs in my house until they’re off at college. When I was growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, we probably changed at least 1 bulb a month. It was such a common chore that bulbs were on the grocery list. 

The realization that I may not even have an opportunity to teach my kids how to change a light bulb until they are grown kind of freaked me out. It made me wonder what else I will never teach them thanks to technology. 

  • How to use a rotary phone-actually many people my age have only seen these on tv. I have actually used one. Since rotary phones don’t even work on land lines anymore, my kids will never know how awesome they were. 
  • How to record a mix tape-yes, I am a child of the 80’s when mix tapes were all the rage. While a tape recorder might show up in a thrift store somewhere I doubt they will even know what a cassette tape is. They’ll have to settle for sharing playlists. Ugh, so not as romantic. 
  • How to load 35mm film into a camera and how to get it developed-lets face it, with phones having awesome built in cameras only hardcore photographers even use a stand alone camera anymore and only the most nostalgic of us use film. They’ll think a negative is a filter in whatever replaces Photoshop and Instagram. 

What else are kids born in the next decade never going to learn or do?


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